Martin is an dynamic and knowledgeable speaker that never fails to deliver with an engaging, unique and memorable style.

A combination of years of entrepreneurial experience, coupled together with a practical approach to doing business, Martin aims to empower his audience with actionable training and a slice of humor.

Well aware of how boring it is to sit in an audience, listening to some ‘expert’ ramble on; Martin ensures things are entertaining and interactive, by keeping all of his presentations current and regularly involving the crowd and interacting with attendees directly.

Practical and Actionable Outcomes

In all of Martin's sessions, his goal is that participants genuinely have something of value to take away, but more importantly, to take action on – holding themselves accountable to actually making the most out of the investment they made in attending.

Potential Speaking Topics

  • Freeconomics - Harnessing the power of 'FREE' to start, grow and profit in business
  • Entrepreneurial Journey - Turning ideas into a multi-million dollar companies
  • What poker taught me about business - Lessons learnt from playing poker and the synergies that exist with business

If you want a speaker that's actually done it and not just talked about it book Martin for your next event.


'Martin stands head-and-shoulders above other speakers I have seen. To me the difference lies in his credibility with having built an explosive-growth business from the ground up before, plus his practical and educational style which works better for me than speakers who focus purely on being inspirational. If you want a speaker who delivers massive value to an audience then you need to talk to Martin.' Johan du Plessis, Founder of Corporate 2 Freedom

'Martin's many anecdotes from his extensive personal experience as an entrepreneur made it clear that you have “been there, done that” with regard to starting, running, and selling companies. I will certainly attend another of your talks when I have the opportunity, and I would encourage others interested in entrepreneurship and business management to do so as well.' Professor Michael Vitale, Monash University


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