After years of experience in starting, growing and successfully exiting multiple companies, Martin has developed an keen sense of understanding of what works and what doesn't.

He now offers a comprehensive mentoring program to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals and objectives faster and in particular avoid costly mistakes. There are several options suitable for different needs:


This is a great opportunity to have an intense one on one coaching session with Martin himself, where you will be able to quickly share your most pressing issues and concerns and he will draw from his experience to offer a series of powerful and actionable solutions.

You will also be able to use this time to really establish the benefits of an ongoing working relationship with Martin, or he will subsequently introduce you to other mentors that will be better suited to your long term objectives.

The Strategy Hour can also be done over the phone or Skype if schedules or avaialbility doesn't allow for a face to face meeting.


This program is best suited for entrepreneurs serious about taking their business to the next level of growth, making their companies more sustainable or wanting to exit for the highest possible valuation.

The Game Plan Program offers 3 options:

  1. Kickstarter - This is a once off full or half day face to face offering designed for quick results. Martin will be able to delve deeper into your business where he can reach a clearer understanding of your situation and assist you in developing a solid vision and path to success. Clear objectives are agreed upon at the beginning of the day and by the end of it he aims to exceed your expectation and highlight the most practical action plan for immediate results.
  2. Awakening - A 3 month mentoring engagement, which includes 3 'Kickstarter' sessions held monthly as well as regular access to Martin either by email, phone or Skype. The aim of this program is to not only have a deeper relationship, but most importantly transfer as much knowledge and experience as possible so you are empowered to make more solid decisions and elevate you to work 'on' the business not 'in' it. 
  3. Enlightened - This is a 6 month or longer mentoring engagement where Martin takes a more invested approach and (with your permission) guides you through the transition process from your current position to one where your company can run autonomously, freeing you to concentrate on further expansion, sustainability or potential exit. The program includes 6 'Kickstarter' sessions held monthly, as well as the regular access to Martin in the 'Awakening' program and even involvement at board of director level in your company to not only help you, but all involved in the business.


These are group sessions facilitated by Martin where he brings like minded and highly passionate entrepreneurs who are committed to take immediate action in their business and build powerful connections. These sessions are either a full day Mastermind or 3-5 day Retreat where between 5 to 10 entrepreneurs are brought together and benefit from not only individual mentoring, but also from what is shared with others. In the case of the Mastermind session, these are held monthly in Sydney and are highly sought after due to the limited numbers of spots available. Retreats are held no more than quarterly and are either in Sydney or on a relaxing destination such as Hunter Valley, Byron Bay or even Bali, where you will be able to spend a lot of intimate time with Martin and work on your business outside of it.


From time to time, Martin will offer his mentoring services in kind or at reduced rates in exchange for equity and/or even invest in your organization. This option is one that is not publicacly available and is only offered for projects where Martin feels his skillset, strengths, experience, connections and money can be best deployed and it is at his consideration only. Although this is his preferred method of operation, very few companies are offered this option as his time availability doesn't always allow for a 'partnering' approach.

Because Martin wishes to maintain a strong work and life balance, the mentoring programs on offer are limited and are also small in order to deliver the most impact possible. For more information about availability, upcoming events and fees, please click on our contact page to get in touch with Martin's executive assistant Michelle for details.


'Martin has shown that he is the living, breathing definition of a serial entrepreneur. It's good to see him now dedicating his time to inspiring and mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs. If you are looking for a business mentor who has both the experience and skill set to get you to the next level, Martin is somone I would highly recommend'. Alex Pirouz, Director of Linkfluencer

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