Dealing with adversity, uncertainty and change are common traits ingrained in most successful entrepreneurs, qualities Martin learnt before the age of 14. By this stage in his life Martin had moved a total of 12 times in 2 continents and attended 7 different schools as his parents moved from city to city in search for a better way of life. A few years after arriving in Australia with less then $3,000 and a suitcase, Martin completed his High School certificate before pursuing a career in corporate Australia. 

He quickly realised that working for someone else didn’t fit his personality and in less then a year he left to help his parents manage a dwindling French Patisserie Business they owned. Within a space of a few months he helped turn things around before eventually existing the business, which would be the start of his entrepreneurial journey. With this newfound passion, Martin’s next challenge wasn’t what business to start but where to get the money to start it. New to the scene with limited contacts Martin knew that self-funding would be his best option.

He decided to return back to the corporate world, a choice made by sheer will and very little desire. Not long after Martin started working at Star City Casino, he quickly worked his way up the corporate ladder mixing with high net worth individuals within the casino’s VIP sector.

Due to Star City’s latest license acquisition to host poker games, Martin was asked to be involved in the installation of poker on the casino floor. This opportunity gave him great insight, understanding and knowledge about poker as a business as well as the global popularity and growth. In 2005 he went on to launch: Australian Poker League and after 3 years of hard work, determination and persistence he grew the company from a simple idea to become the world’s largest poker franchise with over 120 territories in two countries, whilst generating combined revenue north of $50M per annum.

After successfully exiting the business in 2011 and despite his business success, Martin's greatest joys are spending time with family and friends as well as investing in new start-ups and mentoring entrepreneurs. 


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